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How to measure your property

For those who want to measure windows themselves here is a simple guide.

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Measure each window you would like to get our quality blinds for and note down the following information:
  • The location of the window in the house (e.g. "Living room sliding door" or "Kitchen")
  • The width of the inside of the window frame in mm (see image)
  • The height of the inside of the window frame in mm (see image)
  • The side the controls for the blinds should be. Generally, this is the side opposite to where the window or slide door opens so that the controls do not fly around on a windy day. If both sides of the window open, simply choose the side you would prefer.
  • And finally, if you would like the blinds to be center opening instead of collecting to the side of the blind's controls. Generally this is only done in the living rooms or other large windows of a house. Consult us to find out whether center opening would be best for you.
After you are done measuring the windows you want to include in your quote, simply email us the measurements and we will get back to you within 1 working day with a quote.

Please note that our measurements and quotations are free. If you supply your own measurements and the size of the blinds or tracks are incorrect we are not held accountable and you may have to pay extra to adjust your blinds. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.


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